Thursday, 25 February 2016

A new garden in a new(ish) house.

Landscaping needs to be done with an eye to the future!

I have just finished a design for a client for his 2 year old house and we are excited about how much of a difference it's going to make but it was partly prompted by patio done by another local landscaper that is already failing after 2 years.
When we build patios we guarantee them for 5 years because we build them correctly and stand behind them. Unfortunately when landscaping is bought on price then often it is going to be sub standard as quality means time and materials!

Anyway, the rant is over, lets show you the design:

Garden design in Penn - view towards the house

We will flatten the lawn, retaining the bed with vertical sleepers and introduce some gentle steps. The hardwood frames will have steel wire on the top section and we will train Roses over it. The base will be planted with 50% sun loving perennials and  50% evergreen structural planting.

Landscape design in Penn - view towards new patio and planting 

The top section of lawn will be lowered and part of the existing patio raised allowing a new section to be added that will connect the house more effectively with the oval lawn. The giant lily bowls will be water features and a new bench will be shaded by umbrella trained trees. 4 large Acer trees will be placed around the lawn to create symmetry. 

Garden design Penn- View from living room towards new patio and pergola 

The new section of patio with bench will be visible from the house and a new pergola trained with roses helps frame the view into the lower garden, connecting the two spaces. 

Even though the client feels let down by the previous contractor, I'm very glad that they are trusting us to put the situation right and have decided to use the situation to really move this garden and its house onwards and create something spectacular. Looking forward to building this one!